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April 20, 2117

Well, it appears the perpetual drought is going to impact all of us here in Muni Six a bit more than usual. Of course, by all of us, I mean all those who are not Elites. Rest assured, their lawns, swimming pools, golf courses, long, hot showers, decorative fountains,  etc. will remain unaffected. However, all those in the Middle, and especially in the Underbelly, please consider yourselves warned.

Last week, we participated in a meeting to which we received our subsequent Premier briefing just yesterday. We were given certain orders to implement that will have a direct impact on each of you. Our orders indicate we will be providing details and/or deliveries to Elites placed throughout the Middle and Underbelly to ensure they continually have access to clean water. However, a broadcast will be made across Muni 6 indicating that all other citizens will be subject to severe water restrictions.  Those in the Middle will be allotted only one gallon of water per person, per week for the entire month of May. As for those of you in the Underbelly, you will receive one liter…just one measly liter of water per person, per week. Now, we all know, such amounts are not able to sustain life. The Elites are aware of this as well; they suffer no delusions that one liter is sufficient for seven days’ hydration. In fact, a handful of Elites even voiced concern that such restriction would cause their Non-Threat, Viables, and other Underbelly “meat-suits”, to experience a premature death. Their concern is that such deaths are unnecessary and would make future broad medical testing and conflict scenarios difficult without the endless supply of “meat-suits”. Despite this concern, the restrictions are being implemented and will commence May 1st.

It may be interesting to note that the few Elites who had voiced such concern suddenly went “missing”. Of course, the Capital states that their missing status while uncanny, is nothing more than coincidence. Even more coincidental was the rash of “Fresh Meat” deliveries made throughout the Underbelly. The Capital claimed the meat to be a gift for the Underbelly. As sickening as this may be, remember, at the end of the day, life sustaining protein is still life sustaining. You had no knowledge that what you consumed last week following the Elites’ open discussion was anything abnormal. You couldn’t have known, just as I didn’t until today. Times have never been more desperate, and though cannibalism is still nausea-inducing, it cannot be foregone in the face of true hunger and starvation. You have done nothing wrong. The Capital served a message to the dissenters in our meeting, and in so doing, were able to embolden your menu. For that, I apologize and assure you, if I learn of something like this again, I will give what warnings I can.

Back to the more pressing issue: If you have a secure/hidden storage area, fill every container you can spare with water. Remember, water storage in unclean containers can be dangerous. If this is a method you must use, please ensure you boil the water before drinking to reduce your chances of e-coli consumption, etc. As we proceed into the month, it will get more and more difficult to heed this next bit of advice: Do not drink simply because you’re thirsty. Yes, to be thirsty is to be dehydrated. However, try to pace yourself; take only the occasional sip in an effort to keep severe dehydration at bay. If you are unable to control your usage early on, you will deplete your resources too soon.

Of course it goes without saying, but do not use water for showering, cleaning, washing clothes, etc. Beyond this, we will have to get creative if we are to survive the next month. Colton and I have secured six contraptions that will allow you to filter, reuse and yes, drink your urine. Please note, these once belonged to the Military Nationals, and if the directions are followed properly, it is perfectly safe (even if not exactly appetizing). We will be supplying these contraptions to known Legion members we believe appropriately placed to make the best use of them – those who will be able to share with a high number of you. Additionally, we have a small stockpile of bottled water we have been collecting over the past few years. We will make them available as regularly as possible and alert you to the locations. I do apologize we are unable to do more, but the bottled water will be on a first come, first serve basis.

The odds against those of you in the Underbelly are enormous here. However, those of you in the Middle are not immune to dehydration either. We must be frugal, we must be creative, and remember, fruits and vegetables contain water. Select those over sodium-rich processed meats and canned goods from the FRE when you can. Be courageous, and do not give up. More importantly, please, please do not forget your humanity through this. Share your water if you can, just as Colton and I will be doing all that we can. This is going to be a difficult month for all of us, but please, do not fight amongst yourselves. Do not take advantage of non-members, and don’t forget to share with non-members too. Though your neighbors may not belong to the Legion as we do, we are all victims of the Elites. Don’t lose sight of that.

Any emergency scenarios or requests for aid, please post them here. We will alert you to locations of water as we can…Beyond that…let’s hope for rain and pray the restriction ends before the arrival of summer.

Until next time…

We are the Legion. The Legion lives on. Harper Eckles, out.

April 19, 2117

Well my fellow Legion members, we’ve had a quiet couple of days here in Muni 6.. Since news of the Eielson family’s tragic “murder/suicide” aired, it seems Legion members and Opposition members alike have allowed themselves to be persuaded into a tiny pen of complacency. Please, do not allow this. I urge you to fight through the haze of fear twirling around you. Yesterday, even our Legion’s meeting was cancelled. This is not unheard of, and Lord knows it’s not the first, nor will it be the last, to be cancelled, but what was the reasoning behind the cancellation? I haven’t heard any rumblings within the Upper that they had any suspicions of a gathering of Legion members. Even if they had, we have met under far greater odds, and yet yesterday… nothing. Colton and I were there, as were three other members, all of us, members of the Elites. And yet, those with arguably less obstacles to overcome in participating in the meeting… nothing. If there was something that prohibited you from participating, please say so here. Perhaps there is something that I am missing. But, if it was dread that kept you at bay, please reconsider that decision. Fear is a weapon, a weapon they used against us when they eliminated Eielson’s family. However, we too are learning to wield the same weapon. We must continue down our current path if we are to be victorious. Our very own leader, Braden James, sanctioned yesterday’s meeting, despite his usual recommendation to remain concealed and maintain vigilance. Those of you who know me, know this next statement already. For those of you who don’t know me personally, please allow me to introduce myself a bit more clearly.

My name is Harper Eckles, and I’m a bitch.

In fact, it’s one of the first things you notice about me. First, my dark skin amid a sea of primarily white Elites. Second, I am unwavering, unforgiving and blunt. Because I am a female, this usually groups me into the realm of bitch. If efficiency is gained by wearing such a label, so be it. But, in that mindset, I cannot understand why a previously planned meeting was foregone because of something so small as fear. Fear. Fear? Need I remind you, we all live in a constant state of fear!

People have risked their lives to coordinate yesterday’s meeting, some lives actually being given. Have you all forgotten about Arman Fuentas? Three weeks ago, he was attempting to communicate with another Legion supporter, confirming the location of yesterday’s meeting, when he was found crossing a desert lot moving from the Underbelly into the Middle. He was apprehended and interrogated. He managed to survive thus far in life by feigning ignorance, being labeled as a “Non-Threat, Viable” citizen. As such, the Elites kept him alive in the Underbelly thus far, assuming he was compliant, for later use in scientific testing. (If you’d like more details on this, please see:

During interrogation, Arman relied on the same talent he had used to get by in life, again feigning ignorance and never letting on that he even knew of the Legion, much less belonged. Because the Elites believed him incapable of thought, they bought his story that he was only looking for food and didn’t question further. Instead, they employed one of their favorite measures for ensuring those in the Underbelly do not leave the Underbelly without authorization. They chose fear.

They placed him in the quad of Reid Middle School. For those of you outside Muni 6, Reid Middle School is the only Middle School in our Middle. Generally, it houses around 45,000 pupils, depending on how many are eliminated annually due to standardized testing. At the center of the school is a quad, used for physical resilience testing and grooming (whereupon students are taught pain tolerance and to maintain composure in sweltering heat, etc.) This quad is where Arman was sentenced. They ensured he had nothing on his person, no personal effects whatsoever, looped a chain around his neck and chained it to post at the center of the concrete quad. Simple. Effective.

That’s it. That was his punishment, they chained him to a post and left him. Those students walked past him daily, aware that he had attempted to enter the Middle without authorization. They witnessed him waste away, before their very eyes. Even those who had ridiculed and mocked him early on couldn’t make eye contact by day four as he shriveled into non-existence. He never called out to any of them, never revealed his allegiance to the Legion even as his mind began to leave him behind. He kept quiet so that we could meet, so that we could take another step in moving toward the New Revolution. Three attempted rescue missions failed, collecting another eighteen lives. In total, nineteen lives were given to allow yesterday’s meeting. But with nobody there to participate, what was the point?

Though, Arman did serve as an excellent Elite lesson for those kids: to do something without the Elties’ blessing is to sin, punishable only by torment and excruciating pain… to which death is the only release.

Now, if the Elites do this to a man (not to mention tens of thousands of kids forced to witness), over something so small as hunger, in what world do you think it best to remain compliant? Remaining united, planning our next steps, that is the only way we break free of these chains of fear. Join me, or don’t. That choice is for you to decide. But, do not claim allegiance when you refuse to participate. To do so is to jeopardize the lives of others for no reason. If you do that, what separates you from the Elites?

Our meeting is being rescheduled. The details will follow. So, until next time…

We are the Legion. The Legion lives on. Harper Eckles, out.