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It’s official, this blog is going away in just three days, but I have launched my writers blog. Please visit

I will have loads more posted in the coming days, but wanted to share the link, just in case any of you wan to follow me over there. So, please stop by and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Harper Eckles, out.

April 6, 2117

Received new Orders today. While they are concise, I know they are only part of a much larger picture as I’m transferring a restricted communication. It’s sealed and password protected. I can’t determine the contents.

Also, an unfortunate side-effect of maintaining the anonymity of this broadcast blog, ensuring it remains secure, is that I do not know how far my reach goes, nor how many of you receive these updates. So, I say this: if you belong to the Legion in Muni Two, or can make contact with those who are there WITHOUT (and only without) risk of your communication being realized by the Elites, please put them on high alert. Sometime in the next 24 hours, something large will be going down. I do not know what. I do not know when, but I do know it will be in Muni Two’s Underbelly. I overheard some of the communication, but regretably, no additional details.

Please be on high alert and remain vigilant. Until next time…

We are the Legion. The Legion lives on. Harper Eckles, out.