Introduction to this blog

My name is Harper Eckles. For those of you who don’t know me, I am an Elite Premier within Muni Six, or as it was once known, Las Vegas, Nevada. This communication has been encrypted and is for the eyes of Legion supporters only. Rest assured, every precaution has been taken. The Elites cannot determine who sees this post, and cannot trace it back to any of you. For further details, please see the oldest posts on this blog’s home page.

Please note, the purpose of this blog is to remind us that despite the corruption, the fear we see wrapping itself ever tighter around our very own Legion, we are not alone. United, we are strong. I will not allow them to keep me, to keep any of you in the dark any longer. There is information that must be shared, things that must be witnessed and communicated. The genocide the Elites dole out will no longer go unspoken.

Why is the blog called CLOVER America? I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard the fables, the tall tales, the myth that is “CLOVER”. You know the ones, spoken in hushed tones, the storytellers always looking anxiously over their shoulders, warily casting glances at the security drones above before whispering, mentioning CLOVER, our very own white unicorn. Some say it is a brutal group of Military National veterans slaying the corrupt politicians leading our country further down the path of totalitarianism, socialism, poverty and ill will. Some say they are a rag-tag bunch of Medical Testing facility escapees, shoeless and throwing homemade explosives at any Elite they see. Others say they are immigrants, unlucky enough to have entered our segregated and broken country, defying our laws and seeking to stake out their own Orders, their own laws, their own government. Personally, I don’t know that I believe in mythological creatures, much less mythological factions.

However, you and I, and every other citizen remembers the propaganda, the paraphernalia strewn about major Municipals just a few years ago.  Braden James’ had just recently given the Orders for all Legion supporters to stand down, to assimilate into our Municipals, claiming it was to allow time to regroup. We all can also recall that on the heels of James’ orders, there were six brutal days that followed, days when Elite Compounds were destroyed, their members slain, when local politicians were found dead in their homes, when their banks had been robbed and electrical grids damaged. We all remember the ubiquitous four-leaf clovers that always seemed nearby. There were posters or spay-painted renderings of the image, or just the word in all caps adorning nearby walls, as if keeping a watchful eye. Was this a coincidence? Doubtful. Does it mean any of the myths associated with CLOVER in the time since are true? Unsure.

What I am sure of, is that this simple, four-leaf CLOVER has made the Elites wary. It has given us hope. It has taken on power, reverence and a sense of wonder. That is what I want this blog to serve as, a springboard of wild ideas, a new chapter where Legion members feel emboldened to belong. We are not alone. We are in this together. After all, if a four-leaf clover can incite so much fear in our enemy, real or not, I will fly under that banner. It is about time the Elites began to live in fear. Opening communication amongst ourselves is the first step in that process.

Going forward, I will share the Elites’ crimes with you here, making a record of the horror they spread amongst our midst. Please feel free to share your own, by adding comments and leaving feedback. Until next time…

We are the Legion. The Legion lives on. Harper Eckles, out.

  1. It’s just the introduction, and you’ve already grabbed my attention. I like your tone and writing style (and I’ve always had an interest in dystopian stories.) I’m looking forward to reading more.

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  2. “We have assumed control” See Rush 2112 😉

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  3. giffmacshane says:

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and really enjoy it, so I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Award. Click here to see how to accept the award:



    • Thank you so very much for the nomination! I can’t believe it and am beyond grateful. Also, I am thrilled to hear that you love my blog. When I began, I felt certain people would tell me it’s too dark, or more plainly, that I was out of my mind. To hear that you’re a fan… that’s what I set out in the hope of. So, thank you. I will get this done as soon as possible!

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    • Also, for the record… your blog would be a top contender. I love your content, but considering you just won this award and shared your info… I thought it best to recommend someone else. However, I re-subscribed to your blog. (Not sure why it unsubscribed, or how) I love it and can’t wait to see what you post next!

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