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April 13, 2117

We all know about the dreaded Retrievals, those “honors” people within the Upper, Middle, and occasionally, the Underbelly, of each Municipal sometimes receive. Of course, the Elites regularly test our children, claiming they are nothing more than “Standardized Testing.” When we’re younger, we refer to them as  “Live or Die tests” or as I often preferred, the “Make it or Fake its”. The tests begin at age eight, and the results determine our paths. The bottom ten percent are always, succinctly eliminated without notification to the families. Once their children are dead, the parents receive a text alert (or if they live in the Underbelly without power, a letter) indicating their children did not meet the threshold for Continuation. There is no detail, no pause for apology…. just a succinct telling of their child’s fate. Game over.

Of course, there are times when special needs children get exempted from the elimination, though not always. For those who do get exempted they often become pets, or play things of non-military purposed Elites. They are photographed, ridiculed, promoted or forced to do demeaning things in the hope of living to see another day. Some live a very luxurious life, but many others… many others would have benefited from elimination.

As for those who did “pass” the tests, they get grouped based upon their achievements, the higher testing get grouped separate from the moderate intelligence. Each year, the children are subjected to another round. Each year, the bottom ten percent of those in the “High Functioning” group get dropped to the “Mid-Range Functioning” group, and the bottom ten percent there get eliminated. This allows them to ensure that by the time we reach eighteen years of age, all that remains are the top ten percent, and in the “High Functioning” group, only one percent. Welcome to the New America, where if you are not deemed worthy, you will cease to draw breath. Of course, there is some leeway in the Municipal Underbellies, where if those who do fall into the bottom percentile remain docile and cooperative are often left to live. They will serve other purposes at a later date. (See for more information.)

The Elites here in Muni Six are preparing for another round of retrievals. There were nearly a dozen subjects that stood out in the last round of Elite testing. As such, we will be Retrieving them, to incorporate into our grooming system. The Elites see this selection as the highest honor to befall anyone, but you and I, and all our fellow Legion supporters, know this is one of the darkest fates to befall anyone.

True, their children may survive, but after the Elites have finished grooming them, the shell of the person that remains will be broken and will no longer remember who they used to be. Trust me. My becoming an Elite was a far greater torment than I ever could have found in death.

I have put in a request to participate in the Retrieval and will provide any updates as I can. If my request is granted, I will be privy to names of the children on the list and will warn you all, if possible.

Until next time…

We are the Legion. The Legion lives on. Harper Eckles, out.

April 4, 2117

First, fair warning: I will be making additional posts about Elite Compliance…and a lot of them.

For the moment though, I want to discuss the buses I referenced in my earlier post called “Bullets bite” ( In that post, I mention the “driver” of a school bus. Now, for fellow Elites who also happen to be a part of the Legion like myself, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you loyal to the Legion from either the Middle or the Underbelly, you may find it difficult to believe that any vehicle in the Upper has a driver, a real live human being, behind the wheel.

Yes, the vehicles in the Upper are automatic, that is, self-driving. They follow predetermined paths to the programmed destination. Also true is the fact that the older vehicles, those requiring human operation have been deemed outdated and thus, have been scrapped or managed to find their way to the Middles and Underbellies of various Municipals. However, the Uppers’ automatic vehicles still have a driver’s seat. This is to allow for a driver, when an override is necessary. There are times they go off the programmable path. One example of such a venture is the field trip described in the “Bullets bite” entry. Looking for another example? Try this one on for size, and please also consider another idea: when cornered, when pressed, a citizen has two choices: conform or die.

Several months ago, I completed my education. For our final year, my class had been segregated from the other students, deemed amongst the top tier. Once done, I received my appointment as an Elite Premier. Others in my class were similarly placed. However, despite being a part of the top tier in our graduating class, there were some who didn’t quite… make the grade. A fellow student was adamant that the final test results were wrong. He had long dreamed of becoming a Premier like myself. In truth, if any of us were to become a Premier, he seemed the natural choice. Yet, as we received our appointments, he was granted only “Containment Administrator”. That’s it. He, who had so much potential was told he would not only be a guard posted at various intervals to ensure nobody entered the Upper without authorization, but he would have to leave the Upper and move into the Middle for the remainder of his days. He was a second generation Elite. He had looked down his nose at the Middle his entire life. Unable to fathom living such a life of what he had believed to be degradation, he had refused. He did not accept the appointment. He denied them.

Without further discussion, two armed guards approached him on the stage and roughly escorted him to the parking lot. Two additional guards entered the drivers’ seats of those self-driving vehicles and started the ignitions, their engines barely more than a whisper. The crowd held their collective breath as our fellow student had a band strapped to each ankle, the respective straps attached to the connection belt at the rear of each vehicle.

Our Principal stood before him, repeating the assignment. In response, the student only jutted his jaw. Seeing his defiance, the Principal only nodded her head. We watched on as both vehicles inched forward.

At first, the only sound was that of the compacted gravel, the stones crunching below the tires. But, then came the grunting, followed almost immediately by a desperate scream. “No!” He fell to the ground as his ankles continued to draw away from one another. “No! No! Please!”

The cars continued.

And then subhuman roars, cries, screams as his limbs were nearly torn from his body. The Principal moved her index finger to her ear, clearly issuing an order to the drivers as they both stopped instantly. The student was in agony, screaming, his upper body writhing in distress. We waited several minutes until shock overtook his countenance.

“Do you accept your appointment?” Our Principal repeated.

From where I stood, I heard nothing.

“Repeat it so they can hear you!” She commanded.

“Yes!” He shouted, his voice still conveying his pain.

“Good.” Was her only response before she extended her arm and committed a bullet to his head. Turning back to the rest of us calmly, she smiled, her voice softening. “Anyone else have issue with their appointment?”

“No, Ma’am.” Our voices rang out unanimously.

“Very good.”

So you see, though our vehicles may now be self-sufficient, the driver’s seat remains. The Elites are not willing to give up such control.

Until next time…

We are the Legion. The Legion lives on. Harper Eckles, out.

April 4, 2117

CLOVER, Clover, clover…. which is correct? Why use the term in this blog at all? Well, my lovely readers, you all belong to the same Legion I do. We are the true Patriots, working toward a goal of reclaiming democracy, securing freedom for not only ourselves, but every American. Once upon a time, freedom was a pillar this Nation stood proudly upon. I, and all of you, believe we will be able to stand proud once more.

So back to the question… why CLOVER? I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard the fables, the tall tales, the myth that is “CLOVER”. You know the ones, spoken in hushed tones, the storytellers always looking anxiously over their shoulders, warily casting glances at the security drones above before whispering, mentioning CLOVER, our very own white unicorn. Some say it is a brutal group of Military National veterans slaying the corrupt politicians leading our country further down the path of totalitarianism, socialism, poverty and ill will. Some say they are a rag-tag bunch of Medical Testing facility escapees, shoeless and throwing homemade explosives at any Elite they see. Others say they are immigrants, unlucky enough to have entered our segregated and broken country, defying our laws and seeking to stake out their own Orders, their own laws, their own government. Personally, I don’t know that I believe in mythological creatures, much less mythological factions.

However, you and I, and every other citizen remembers the propaganda, the paraphernalia strewn about major Municipals just a few years ago.  Braden James’ had just recently given the Orders for all Legion supporters to stand down, to assimilate into our Municipals, claiming it was to allow time to regroup. We all can also recall that on the heels of James’ orders, there were six brutal days that followed, days when Elite Compounds were destroyed, their members slain, when local politicians were found dead in their homes, when their banks had been robbed and electrical grids damaged. We all remember the ubiquitous four-leaf clovers that always seemed nearby. There were posters or spay-painted renderings of the image, or just the word in all caps adorning nearby walls, as if keeping a watchful eye. Was this a coincidence? Doubtful. Does it mean any of the myths associated with CLOVER in the time since are true? Unsure.

What I am sure of, is that this simple, four-leaf CLOVER has made the Elites wary. It has given us hope. It has taken on power, reverence and a sense of wonder. That is what I want this blog to serve as, a springboard of wild ideas, a new chapter where Legion members feel emboldened to belong. We are not alone. We are in this together. After all, if a four-leaf clover can incite so much fear in our enemy, real or not, I will fly under that banner. It is about time the Elites began to live in fear. Opening communication amongst ourselves is the first step in that process.

Going forward, I will share the Elites’ crimes with you here, making a record of the horror they spread amongst our midst. Please feel free to share your own, by adding comments and leaving feedback. Until next time…

We are the Legion. The Legion lives on. Harper Eckles, out.

April 3, 2117

My name is Harper Eckles. For those of you who don’t know me, I am an Elite Premier within Muni Six, or as it was once known, Las Vegas, Nevada. This communication has been encrypted and is for the eyes of Legion supporters only. Rest assured, every precaution has been taken. The Elites cannot determine who sees this post, and cannot trace it back to any of you. If they were to learn this blog exists, I am the only one who would be found out. If that happens, I’m dead. With my death, comes my silence and no future communications will go out, thus ensuring your anonymity. Should any blood ever be shed in my attempt to open communication between Legion members, to further the Cause, the cost will be paid in my blood alone. My confidence in the security of this post is so high, that I share my position, my name, my location with you. Only those we can confirm to be loyal to the Legion, to the entire Opposition will have access to this blog.

I assure you, reading this post, following my updates will pose no risk to you, and perhaps more importantly, will not jeopardize those you love.

The purpose of this blog is to remind us that despite the corruption, the fear we see wrapping itself ever tighter around our very own Legion, we are not alone. United, we are strong. I will not allow them to keep me, to keep any of you in the dark any longer. There is information that must be shared, things that must be witnessed and communicated. The genocide the Elites dole out will no longer go unspoken.

We are the Legion. Despite their best efforts, the Legion lives on.